The Pennywhistle Revival

A Pennywhistle Revival came into being in S.A. on 1 January 2009. We mainly operate from Swellendam, Western Cape in South Africa, but our project efforts are as wide as we humanly can go.

For us pennywhistling is a passion. We would like to hear pennywhistles being played till the cows come home!

The facilitator, Susan, feels that pennywhistling is a means of reaching out to old and young disadvantaged people of the country, and insists that playing the pennywhistle :  is for all;  easy to learn; excellent brian  stimulation; and above all, it’s affordable!

Susan, founder of the pennywhistle revival, has brought out a handbook that describes how one can to learn to play pennywhistle, a book with tunes for more two of more pennywhistlers to play together in harmony, and a handbook for pennywhistle trainers. Susan provides pennywhistle packets consisting of a handbook, a Bflat of C pennywhistle, and a demo CD.  A plan of action are already in place for the surviving of the pennywhistle in S.A.

Having Susan around in person for courses, to inspire and encourage when you begin learning, is something that should not be downplayed. She heard the voice of the Lord Jesus Christ: ” Go, take your pennywhistle, tell the world I LOVE THEM!”

Playing the pennywhistle alone is, in itself, good fun, not to mention the camaraderie generated when learning to play in a group. Start thinking about ordering one of those pennywhistle packages right away!

So, Young South Africa, there is much pennywhistle fun on the way. Don’t be surprised either if you find Mom, Dad, and Granny or Granddad also climbing on the bandwagon as well!

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