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Susan Odendaal, the main brain of the pennywhistle revival in South Africa, is born in Louis Trichardt. She played pennywhistle since the age of twelve, and was the first lady in South Africa who played pennywhistle in public.

On 1 January 2009, Susan founded the Pennywhistle Revival Project in South Africa; this occasion was announced on various radio stations at the time. As facilitator, Susan heads a plan of action for Pennywhistle Fun. She is an accomplished and well known Penny whistler in her own right, and has made an appearance on several television programmes viz. “Good Morning South Africa”; “Skokkiaan”; “Musiekforum”; “Maak-‘n-Las” and “FOKUS” on TV2 (2009). She has also released two CD’s: “Die Vrolike Kwêlafluit” in 1991 and “African Fiesta” in 1994.

When she has decided to teach others to play this instrument instead of being a performing artist, she suddenly heard the voice of the Lord Jesus Christ saying:  “Go, take your pennywhistle, tell the world I love them!”

Her motive behind this Penny Whistle Revival is to introduce the penny whistle to young folks and children in South Africa. This, however, by no means excludes Mom & Dad, or Granny & Granddad, from having a bash at the whistle if they are so inclined. Indeed, they would be most welcome. But Susan also has her sights firmly set on underprivileged and disadvantaged adults and children as well; she feels that getting them involved in the revival, and learning to play the pennywhistle, can only be to their own good. However, this part of the project will become viable in your area once your finances/donors/sponsors have come aboard.

Let us know, and book Susan for a huge penny whistle project in your Municipality Region for the children in your area!

Should you be prepared to offer financial assistance in order to help this penny whistle aspect to be sustainable for the children, kindly contact her at +27 (0) 82 775 1993 or email: music@lando.co.za

We have already made mention of the package that comes when you join the Penny Whistle Fun. To recap, this will contain: a Bflat or C pennywhistle, a handbook, and a CD with a prescribed song.

Remember, that should Susan present a penny whistle performance, all new penny whistlers can come along with their own whistles and play with her. Don’t be shy to blow your whistle!

Susan wrote three handbooks for the pennywhistle:

  1. “Penny whistle Fun in S.A.”  It describes a basic method whereby one can become acquainted with the penny whistle while also learning to play. One can choose one of two methods; they are the Solfa and the Musical Notes. The latter is intended for those who are able to read music. This book is available in Afrikaans, English, and Braille.
  2. “Cool sounds with more pennywhistles!” A music bundle where two or three pennywhistle players can harmonise.
  3. A handbook, Die Penniefluitjie-Afrigter, (To train pennywhistle trainers) is also available.